Touch and Play – Your Virtual DJ

Upgrade your business with the most advanced playback solution

Designed specifically for business!

Unmatched, reliable and fully automatic music player
controlled from anywhere using smartphones, tablets or computers.

Remote Control
Remote Control

Control the music remotely using your smartphone, tablet or Pc. Change volume, select songs or switch playlists using our super friendly app. Choose who can do what by personalizing settings for different users.

Music that Fits

Our rich and diverse music collection will guarantee the perfect atmosphere for any business. Let our music experts craft a musical DNA for your business and create a unique and tailored soundtrack for your venue.

Music that Fits
Our Music. <br> Your Taste.
Our Music.
Your Taste.

Personalize our music at the click of a button !
Like or block songs to fine tune your business soundtrack to precisely meet your taste.

Auto Mix

Enjoy awesome music 24/7 and pre-schedule the right music to the right day and time. Music is selected automatically with no pauses between tracks, in a random order so your customers will never hear the same song at the same time.

Auto Mix
Volume Stabilization
Volume Stabilization

Automatic Gain Control will keep you focused on your business instead of fiddling with the volume all day long. The music will keep playing in a steady volume with every change of song or playlist.

Size does matter !

Save on power bills and expensive space using our energy-efficient, low-power compact playback device. Place it literally anywhere and simply plug it in yourself to enjoy excellent music.

Size does matter !
Does the music play from my phone?

No. The music is played from a compact playback device, not much bigger than your smartphone, connected to your amplifier or a mixer as well as to the Internet. Remote control is possible using our unique app that you can install on your smartphone, tablet and PC. The app is used as a remote control and does not play any music.

What happens if my Internet connection is down ?

The music is played from a music bank stored INSIDE our compact playback device. Music will continue to play uninterruptedly and continuously regardless of whether or not your business has a live Internet connection.

I have installed the App in my phone, but I am away from the business premises. What should I do?

You can install our app on as many devices as you wish. We support Android, IOS and Windows-based devices (Win7 and up). Control over the music is possible from anywhere within or outside your venue. The choice is yours

Who installs the playback device? Is it complicated to hook it up?

Our playback device is so easy to setup that you can easily install it yourself - Just hook it up to a power supply, wired Internet connection and an amplifier and it is ready to play our excellent music. Although it can be wirelessly connected to the Internet, we recommend a wired connection. We will provide you with all required cables. For any problem you are always welcome to call our support center for guidance and help.

Does your music includes music license fees ?

No. Addressing the issue of any license required for playing music in your venue falls within your scope of responsibility.

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