Installation and setup instructions

1. Download and install from your app store

2. After the installation has completed, open our app (a black/orange icon named ‘Touch and Play’)

3. Accept our EULA and press the ‘+’ icon on the upper right corner of your screen

4. Contact our support team to get credentials to control your player

5. Create a unique name for your player, at your choice

6. Type in your User Name, Password, and Port EXACTLY as given to you by our support team

7. Click on  ‘Sign In’ or a Key shape icon (for IOS users), and your app is ready to control your ‘Touch and Play’ music player

8. Watch our 6min video tutorial that will show you all you need to know about your new app

Important: To avoid misoperation by accidentally pressing a button, LONG PRESS a button in order to make it work

Our support team are ready to help

Call: +972-72-2513707

Whatsapp: +972-3-54-6858387

[email protected]